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We don’t want to have to make deductions from our tenants’ deposits, if we are having to make charges it normally means that we’ll have to spend time organising things to put right any damage etc; this takes time for us and costs us money in administration so we’ve put together this guide to help our tenants avoid charges.

Pay your rent on time

If you don’t pay your rent on time you will incur late payment fees of £35 each time a payment is late, interest may also be payable.

We ask that our tenants pay their rent by standing order, this should help you to make sure your payments are made on time.

Pay your utilities

To make sure future tenants aren’t harassed by debt collectors or threatening letters we ask that all tenants provide proof that their utilities (gas, electricity and water), are all paid before we can return any deposits. Make sure you keep on top of your utilities throughout the year so you don’t end up with big bills at then end of your tenancy.

Deal with your Council Tax

Similarly to utilities, we ask that all tenants show us proof that their council tax has been dealt with during their tenancy. Once you’ve dealt with the council tax you will receive a letter from the council showing that either you’ve paid the council tax or that you have been given exemption, make sure to keep this document and send it to us (, we will need to see it before we can return your deposits to you.

Don’t use blue-tac

If you use blue-tac on your walls then you will be charged about £40 per wall to have them re-painted when you move out. A great alternative is Poster Tape which is inexpensive and won’t leave any marks.


Microwaves can easily go rusty if they aren’t looked after well. The moisture generated by cooking in a microwave tends to condense and pool in the microwave if it’s not dried out or aired properly, this leads to rust which will mean the appliance will need to be replaced. To avoid this, make sure to keep the vents from your microwave clear, use a cloth or kitchen towel to dry the microwave after you’ve used it and keep the door ajar for a while after you’ve finished using it.


If gardening equipment is provided for you then you are expected to maintain your garden. If you leave it to the last minute then the job will be very difficult as cutting very long grass is not possible with an ordinary lawn mower. If you keep on top of your gardening it will be an easy job, and you’ll have the bennefit of a nice outside space to spend time in!

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